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Welcome to Cornerstone Bible Studies!

Our purpose is to provide Bible studies for

  • Those who have never read the Bible but are interested in learning more about it.
  • Those who are new to Bible Study and would like to grow in their understanding and knowledge of the Scripture.
  • Those who have a mature understanding of the Bible but would like to advance in their Christian faith and the application of God’s Word to their daily lives.
  • Those who are looking for a Bible Study resource, not only for themselves but for others in small group discussion in their family, neighborhood, business,  community and/or church.
  • Those who do not know what they believe about God and the Bible, but who are willing to investigate, in an intellectually honest and unbiased way, the claims the Bible makes about itself.
  • Those who are skeptics, doubters, and unbelievers, who are antagonistic to the Scripture but are at least willing to examine the whole of the Bible’s teaching, and who are willing to change their view, if such a change is warranted.

Cornerstone Bible Studies are Simple Yet Challenging…

…whether you are new to the Bible or have loved and studied it for years. The questions in each lesson will help you observe what the Bible says, consider what it means and reflect upon its relevance to your life.

Cornerstone Bible Studies are Available at No Cost

You can download and make as many copies of these Bible studies as you would like. We only request that you honor the copyright and do not modify the lessons.

Look to the right for a list of current studies, select one and start investigating the Bible.

Personal Experience and Our Prayer

For thirty-five years we have found personal Bible Study with small group discussion to be a blessing as well as life-changing.  The lessons presented here are the result of curriculum developed over the last ten years for the small study group we lead in our neighborhood.

One of the  participants in our group wrote:

These studies were most helpful in that they brought to life the stories in the Bible more than I ever perceived reading it alone.  I feel better after having been to the Bible Study, as if God has spoken through the participants, through His Word.  One of the most surprising things I’ve learned is how much fun Bible study can be. This study really challenged me.   Bill Westmoreland –  Boyce, Va.

Our prayer is that God will nourish a deep love for His Word as you study these lessons. We hope they will be as much a benefit to you as they have been to us and others.

Paul and Carolyn Berghaus