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This Old Testament book is one of the most sublime and mysterious books of the Bible. For example, the Persian King Xerxes is mentioned 190 times in the 167 verses of Esther, while God is not mentioned at all, not even once.  There are no references to prayer, forgiveness, love, Old Testament ceremonial sacrifices, the covenant, the Law, the Temple or Jerusalem. Yet the providential, sovereign hand of God in the affairs of men is written all over this book.  The recorded account of Queen Esther, her older cousin Mordecai and the fate of the Jewish people throughout the Medo-Persian Empire is a tightly woven story, full of intrigue, irony and suspense.

The events recorded in this book of the Bible form the basis of a major Jewish festival that commemorates God’s mighty deliverance of His people from certain death and annihilation, a holiday that is celebrated annually to this day. And while these events continue to bring glory to God throughout the years, they also offer hope and encouragement to His people today, that when confronted with hardship and persecution, they also can expect God to work sovereignly through circumstance to bring about their deliverance.

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The Book of Esther

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