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Would you like to add Christian books to your library? Maybe you need a Bible, a commentary, an inspiring  book to read or some uplifting worship music. We’ve listed some of the best for you and will be adding others.

Click on any item for the full Amazon product details. Some items are available in hardcover and electronic formats, so you can choose which you prefer. Or get both!

Cornerstone is an affiliate of Amazon and receives a small percentage of every sale. Although this does not affect the cost of goods for you, it does provide us with a bonus. Every little bit moves our mission forward!

With this in mind, we would appreciate your making all of your Amazon purchases through our store since we will benefit from any and all purchases. Just select one of our items, any item from your Amazon wishlist and/or any other item(s) from Amazon. Even if you delete the Cornerstone item(s) from your shopping cart, Amazon will credit Cornerstone because you began with our link. If you have any questions, contact us and we’ll help you.

Most important, we want to help you investigate the Bible and grow in your knowledge of God.